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Blue Marble Menorah Crushed Blue Jewel Menorah Metal Strip Cone Menorah Blues
Blue Marble Menorah
Our Price: $89.95
This arch glass menorah manufactured in the USA the artist creats a One of a kind marble design with blue and white glass. The 10" x 6" menorah is unique and no two are the same
Hand made Glass menorah by Tamara Baskin
Metal Strip Menorah Blues
Can be used with regular candles or olive oil
Metal Strip Cone Menorah Music Menorah Parting of the Sea
Metal Strip Cone Menorah
Our Price: $100.00
Music Menorah
Our Price: $115.00
Parting of the Sea
Our Price: $116.00
Metal Strip Cone Menorah Multi Color
Uses regular Chanukah Candles or can use Olive Oil
All metal handmade by Gary Rosenthal
Stands 10 inch
Glass Menorah by Tamara Baskin
Presidental Menorah Spring Menorah Blue Stella Menorah
Presidental Menorah
Our Price: $125.00
Spring Menorah
Our Price: $125.00
Blue Stella Menorah
Our Price: $135.00
Glass and metal menorah by Gary Rosental
This menorah was presented to President Bill Clinton
Color metal menorah by Emanuel from Jerusalem Israel Blue Glass Menorah by Artist Sara Beame
White Stella Menorah Wedding Sculptural Dreidel Menorah Dreidel Menorah
White Stella Menorah
Our Price: $135.00
Dreidel Menorah
Our Price: $149.99
White Glass Menorah white multi color fused glass
ny Artist Sara Beames
Handmade menorah by Gary Rosenthal
Metal and fused glass , dreidel spins