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Square Apple And Honey Set Jerusalem Apple Honey Ceramic Apple and Honey Dish Glass Rosh Hashanah Plate
Our Price: $32.99
Our Price: $33.00
Our Price: $17.99
Our Price: $39.99
Apple Honey Dish for Jewish New Year Apple and Honey dish for Rosh Ha Shanah\Honey pot RoshHa Shanah Plate
Colorful Square Ceramic Plate that Comes With Matching Honey Pot and Wooden SpooPlate 9" Jerusalem Apple and Honey Set made of ceramic with colorful scene of Jerusalem
Honey pot in center with wooden spoon

Ceramic Apple and Honey Dish Set
4 piece set comes with dish, spoon , 2 piece apple .
Glass Rosh Hashanah Plate with places to put the different foods we make blessings on
during the holiday
8" Rosh Hashanah Glass Apple Plate Toy Shofar Copper Wall Havadallah Set EMBOSSED METAL AND WOOD CHALLAH BOARS
Our Price: $8.99
Our Price: $5.99
Our Price: $295.00
Our Price: $119.95
Havdallah Set
These new kid shofars resemble the real shofar the children will see and hear at Rosh Hashana services. Kids will feel just like the Baal Tekiah (shofar blower) at synagogue! No bright pinks shofars for these realists! A larger Havdallah set on a steel tray perfect presentation gift or for a synagogue.
Each piece is wrapped in emboss copper in the style of Western Wall.

Hand made by Gary Rosenthal
Hand Made Challah Board by Gary Rosenthal . The handles and sides are decorated with curves of steel and embossed copper.
Engraved are the words Shabbat Shalom and an Olive Branch
Standard Set Shofar Extra Small Jewish Art Calendar Nickelplated Apple Honey Dish WITH Spoon
Our Price: $60.00
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Our Price: $17.99
Lulav and Etrog Jewish Calendar 2015-2016
Your purchase of an Israeli esrog, etrog, from Lone Star Judaica includes a complete, pre-bound arba minim set: lulav, hadassim (meshulashim) and aravos in their traditional holder, and all bearing their own kashrus endorsements. Plastic carry bag also included. All arba minim sets are professionally packed in foam to virtually eliminate shipping damage and are accompanied by your complementary English-language instructional booklet. Buy a beautiful etrog today for succo Rams horn Made in Israel
Size 9.5 inch - 11.5 inch
Jewish Art Calender by Miki Caspi
Yeminite Shofar Small Anodized Aluminum Kiddish Cup -Blue Apple Honey New Style Apple and Honey by Gary Rosental
Our Price: $120.00
Our Price: $50.00
Our Price: $79.99
Our Price: $110.00
Apple and Honey Dish by artist Gary Rosenthal
Shofars - Yemenite Horns -  Shofar Size Sm - 24"-27"
Made in Israel
Anodized Aluminum Kidish Cup-Hammer work Blue Handmade Apple and Honey Dish by artist Gary Rosenthal Gary Rosenthal found the perfect combination of whimsy and functionality with this glass and metal honey dish with cut out apple. The honey dish stands on a metal base measuring 10.5" in length. The cut out apple even has a stem and leaf and the height from top of leaf to base is 10.25". Multicolor glass accents are on both the base and the included honey spoon. Handmade in the U.S.